Sister Elkins

Sister Elkins

Monday, May 26, 2014

Make Plans If You Want to See God Laugh


I am truly humbled and feel my Saviors love right now. Sometimes as missionaries or non-missionaries, we make plans with all the best intentions thinking that's what God wants us to do. My companion and I quickly found out the hard way that we are doing the Lord's work and not our own. We are on His time frame. Here's an example of what I'm referring to. 

Last Saturday, my companion and I had set out with a full schedule. We were thinking of all the things we were going to get done and the people that we would see. Then Heavenly Father laughed at our plans and quickly did away with them.

By 3 all of our plans and our back up plans had all failed. Every single one! Not sure what to do or who to visit, we kept walking around hoping to see someone. Or anyone! But it was like it was a ghost town! No one was out or even home.

 Discouraged and trying to figure out where to go. We started walking down this street, when we FINALLY saw 3 people outside working in someone's yard. We quickly went over to them, and they agreed to talk with us the next day.

We went over and I have to say it was the best lesson we have taught since I've been out on my mission. The spirit was so strong there and they were just so excited to hear our message. Then we asked them to be baptized and they agreed!

 What was even the best part was that when I handed the Book of Mormon to one of the investigators for the first time. He just popped it open and the first thing he read was "when you are baptized you will receive eternal life." That right there just confirmed with him that he made the right choice to be baptized.

 Ever since that day he's read the assigned chapters twice and just loves the Book of Mormon. He loves how simple it is to understand and loves the stories. 

We had to have all of our plans to fail in order to find these young people. Who have been looking for the truth and how to come closer to our Heavenly Father. I know that Heavenly Father has these investigators prepared to receive our message. All we had to do was find them. 

My companion and I, realized that even though we had righteous plans for that day, they were not what God had planned. I'm so glad to have this gospel in my life, to have the Book of Mormon and to have the gift of the Holy Ghost to be a guide, protector, and a comforter. 

I have been called to do such wonderful things and I know that for the rest of my mission I will continue to see the Gospel bless people's lives. 

Well, this Saturday is Transfer calls! Not sure who will be leaving or staying. I recommend that whatever you plan on sending me should be sent out before Saturday. 

I love you all and God BLESS!!

D&C 4:3 [Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work]

Sister Jackie Elkins

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