Sister Elkins

Sister Elkins

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tomatoes, Ankle-bracelets and the Cops

Hi Family and Friends,

I'm going to be lame and state that I'm lacking on emailing you all. I'll need to work on that. This week has been kind of busy and kind of not at the same time, lots of going on in the missionary world. In other words this email will be short, so try not to kill me over it!! *Dodges tomatoes* I will repent next week!

This week Sister Streadbeck and I, had to instruct a district meeting. As soon as we got up there, in walks in our mission President and his wife!!  I'll be honest...we didn't exactly plan out our instruction. We got busy doing other things, we planned to just go up there and wing it. Now we are going to be winging it with our mission president there!!! AAAHH!!!

I think that's when the spirit did a face palm to the forehead. He knew we needed help on this one. Otherwise we are going to look like idiots in front of the mission president. The spirit came to the rescue and saved our bacon. Our instruction went really good and I think we pulled it off. Lesson learned. Always be prepared and plan out your instructions!! You never know who will show up!!!! After our district meeting, President Shumway and Sister Shumway took us out for lunch!! We had pizza!!! My favorite!!!! 
Sister Elkins and Sister Streabeck

We had exchanges this week. I went to Bentonville, AR and Sister Streadbeck stayed here in Anderson. I love going on exchanges!! More so when you get to leave your area and see how other areas are done. It was fun and interesting experience.

I was with the Sister Training Leader and a member. We went to see one of their less-actives that they never met before. All they knew that one of the sons who was 18 and had some issues with the law...kind of liked murdered someone or something. Not too sure on the details on that. I didn't ask. All we knew was that the son had a monitored ankle bracelet on. We knocked on this sketched out house. The family was there and they were super nice!! They let us in and we got to know them.

It was so heartbreaking to see the mom on oxygen and smoking at the same time!! You think when you’re on oxygen it's time to quit smoking!! Not keep going on!!

Then things got fun, when in the middle of the lesson we hear a loud knock at the door. It was the police!!! Everyone got panicked a bit...or a lot. The cop asked for our member that was with us!!

They went outside, and my sister training leader and I, had no clue what to do. We weren't expecting the member with us to have the cops show up for! We went outside and it just turned out that the member parked in front of the stop sign. WHEW!!! No biggie.

He just wanted her to move her car! Here I was thinking something more exciting was going to happen!! 

Only on exchanges do we have cops show up in the middle of a lesson!! Exchanges never go as planned and they never go right. 

Well, I love you all and ya'all take care!!!

Sister Jackie Elkins

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