Sister Elkins

Sister Elkins

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Dear Family And Friends,

What amazing week this has been!!! This week during district meeting, a lady came in and asked us to help her tie a quilt. We of course, said "YES!!" We had 10 missionaries and 4 of them are sisters learn how to tie two huge quilts that are going to be donated to a hospital for children. I found it rather hilarious to see these Elders tackling tying a quilt. It's a sight you just don't see every day. I got pictures, that will come soon...
This week we had Ward Conference. Meaning we had tons of meetings to go to this week. Thursday, the stake council came out to team up with our ward council and do visits with the members of the ward. We where paired up with the Stake Primary President. The Stake Primary President is named Sister Allred. She's a return Sister missionary and more than excited to pretend that she was a missionary again. 

She is hilarious!! We took her to meet a less active family. The only one's that where there was the 13 year old boy and his 20 something year old cousin. While we where meeting with the young boy and talking to him. We (as in Sister Cooper and I) where so focused on talking to the 13 year old boy, that we totally missed what was going on around us. What we missed (and I'm grateful for) was while we where talking, the boy's cousin had came out of the shower completely naked and was walking around the hallway. Sadly, poor Sister Allred saw the boy's naked cousin!!! I think she about had a heart attack. Luckily, we had no clue what happened until after we left the lesson. Never a dull moment when you go out with the missionaries. lol 

Saturday, I got the chance to go and see Lj's baptism in Miami!! I was so excited to be there and see him be baptized. The best thing ever!! I can't began to describe it. I'm so happy for him and that he made this choice. I can't wait until he get's the chance to go to the temple!! He will love it!!! Amazing things are just waiting for Lj. 

I found a hidden meaning in the scripture "I can do all things (Imperfectly) through Christ who strengthens me (perfectly)." I thought that I came on a mission to do things right and to invite people to come unto Christ. But I forget that it is okay to mess up, and to learn and grow in uncomfortable ways. 

I am imperfect and I need help to be perfect. I can't do things on my own. No matter how hard I try. I just can't do it. This week my challenges have been different and molding me to be a better person.  At one point this week, I reached a point of "How can I do this?" Then I knelt in prayer, asking Heavenly Father for help. I felt during that prayer that I was strengthened and felt that everything was going to be okay. That I wasn't alone. I never was.

I needed to rely on the Lord. I may be imperfect all of the time, but Christ is there helping me every step of the way. He knows me and wants to help me. He knows how to help each of us PERFECTLY. It's something I tend to forget sometimes. That Christ is right there helping me. 

I know that this Church is true. I know that this gospel can bless others and be a source of strength to them. I'm so grateful that I have a loving Savior and loves me in all my weaknesses. I look forward to more opportunities of growing and becoming that better person that Christ want's me to be.        

Love to all!

Sister Jacquelyn Elkins

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