Sister Elkins

Sister Elkins

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Year Mark, Squirrels, 3 Investigators, New Record!

It's been a year now since I've been out on my mission. I can't even began to describe what this last year has been like. I would say that it's been pretty exciting and adventures. One crazy ride for sure! But one of the experiences of my life. 

When I look back on how I used to be when I first came out, down to now - I can't help but laugh. I was never the kind of person to boldly testify. I didn't have the words or ability to say what the truth of this gospel deserves. In the end, that never mattered in the end. 

The Lord didn't want me to be this amazing speaker or have this way with words. All the Lord wanted of me was a simple thing. A worthy heart and willing hands. He says if I make the choice to serve Him, He will help me find my voice.
I know without a doubt in my mind I was called to serve in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission for a reason. I refused to fail the Lord in any way. Heavenly Father has given me all that I have. I put my trust in Him. He knows the yearning of my heart. I couldn't or can't keep this gospel of Christ to myself. I want to share this amazing message with everyone that would listen to me.

How can I keep it to myself when I know that it will lift someone else. I've seen this gospel lift hands that hang down in sorrow. Or strengthening someone's knee's that bend in despair. Or how it can reach out to those who have hopeless hearts and don't even know of the Savors love for them. I've seen this gospel change people's lives for the better. It has given them meaning to their lives. 

I'm a witness of Heavenly Father's miracles and his mercy towards everyone. I know what I've seen in the last year has made me a be a totally different person. I know I will never be the same again. Because I know that when I put my trust in the Lord, the truth of the gospel begins to speak from my heart. This gospel moves me till I can't be still. 
Because I know that my Savor walks with me daily. Only through the Savior has guided me through the darkness and was the light to bring me out. I have felt His arms encircle me with love. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father loved me enough to offer His only Son. 

This week has been so amazing!!!! I don't think I can describe all that has happened this week!!! We got 3 new investigators!!! They are so amazing!!!! The first two, we just showed up at there door and told them who we are. Once they heard that we where missionaries who talk about Christ, they wanted us to meet with them!!! Their names are Maria and Peterina. Such amazing people!! They are so prepared!!!

We had 5 investigators show up on Sunday for church. They loved it!!!! One of them was their first time to church. She only spoke Spanish and didn't know English. She still got up in Relief Society and shared this powerful testimony. I had chills from it!!! She was so amazing!! 

We hit the record this week of getting a lot of lessons. Things are going so good here in Anderson!!! I can't even began to describe it to you how amazing Anderson is!!! I love it!!! 

Funny story, Friday I had to go to the doctors for a health issue. The doctor just so happened to be a stake president. While we where meeting with him, we went from talking about my health issue down to him sharing his conversion story with us! He just shared his testimony. He was crying and such a sweet spirit about him. Sometimes as missionaries, people just want to share their stories with you and want to share the spirit with you too. Even when you are being examined.....It's one way to share your testimony!! 

So, we have some investigators and lots of potentials who have been wanting to play tether-ball with us. They are all Korean. I thought of a way to make this into a object lesson. (With lots of help form the Holy Ghost). The ball was Satan and we have to punch him to win the game. It worked really well. If you lost, then you had to repent because it was as if Satan got a hold of you. We gave them repentance stories, where they had to tell us how they would repent from something. It worked out really well. We had the neighborhood kids all into it, and they loved to see the Sister Missionaries playing tether-ball in a skirt!!! These kids have pretty much seen us do just about anything in a skirt. They once saw us help them garden in our skirts and bare-feet. (We didn't want to get our shoes dirty, so we took them off). It was tons of fun! They aren't to sure what to think of us sometimes.... 

Saturday, we went with the new Relief Society president to find some less actives. It was rainy and a bit chilly...We knocked on this house that none of us know to much about. When they opened the door and saw us out in the rain with no umbrella. They quickly invited us in.

We must have looked pretty pitiful, for them to invite us in so fast. We got to talk with them and showed them the Because He Lives video. (Which everyone needs to watch it and share with EVERYONE THEY KNOW!!!!) They loved the video and where very touched by it. They loved us and wanted us to come back again!!!! Heavenly Father knows what he is doing by having it rain that day! Everything lead up to that moment for us to meet with this family and to remind them how amazing the church is!!! 

Things are going soooo good here!!! I just love it here and wish I can convey to you all how amazing Heavenly Father is!!!!! I just love being a missionary!!!!!  

Love to all,

Sister Elkins

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  1. Sister Elkins,
    You are a beautiful exsample of a faith daughter of God. The people of Anderson are lucky to have you to show them the true love of Christ.
    As I say my prays and ask the Lord to watch over and protect the Missionaries it is almost always your beautiful face I see.
    I first hand know of the love and forgiveness that the Lord gives to us all and I know that he is teaching others of that love through you, your exsample and your love for the people of Anderson.
    Racheal Silva