Sister Elkins

Sister Elkins

Monday, December 15, 2014

Moving, Goats, Zone Goal, Hives, Oh My!

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been another exciting week. It's never a dull moment when you’re around me to began with. Sorry, that you are left with dull lives while I'm away. Maybe this will let you know how awesome and exciting I am. Just a little reminder of what an awesome person I am.

We found out last Tuesday, that we had to move out of our apartment, to a place that is bigger and better functioning. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :) Our place new place is wonderful!! It's on a tri duplex. Has more storage place and bigger place. We love it and we look forward to making it more homey. 
                                                                      Here's our new address. I expect letters from everyone!! lol

2209 N Elm Street
Miami, Ok 74354

This week we got to meet a "scary" goat. We took our new member Rachel out to visit a less active. When we got there out came this cute little goat that came charging at Sister Bagby. I did what companions do when they see a goat charging at their companion. I laughed. For whatever reason, Sister Bagby was not a fan of that. She tried hiding behind me. I now became the human goat shield. I now had both Rachel, and Sister Bagby, hiding behind me, while I was supposed to be protecting them from the "Scary" goat. The goats eventually let us teach to these little girls about Christ. I now want a goat. :)

This week our Zone had a set a goal of getting 100% member present lessons. That's just 20 lessons with along with church members there with us, when we go out and teach people. At first it seemed impossible. We took it to the Lord and with help from the wonderful members of Miami, we reached our goal. We got 22 members present. The ending results were that as a zone we taught 195 lessons, with the average of 94.1% member present lessons! WOOT! It took LOTS and LOTS of work. Very stressful. We are so happy that our hard work paid off!

I can't even begin to describe all of the miracles we saw this week. I know that the Lord will be there to help us accomplish our goals and if we keep him involved then we can do anything. If it matters to us, then it will matter to him.

I had an interesting thing happen to me on Saturday night at the Ward Christmas party. I had broken out in hives and rashes. On my face, neck, shoulders, I looked beautiful covered in rashes and hives. I knew I was having allergic reaction to something. I have a few ideas on what it could be. Sunday, the hives and gotten worse. I was taken to urgent care and given a steroid shot. 

On the bright side, I looked somewhat better and not such a scary sight any more. I will soon be normal, like I said, never a dull moment with me. I'll be always doing something interesting. I miss you all and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. :)    

Much love,

Sister Elkins

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