Sister Elkins

Sister Elkins

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th Everyone!

Hi Family and Friends!!

Well this one will be short​, s​ince we had a zone outing this morning. We hiked up to Robbers Cave ​and​ hik​ed​
up a mountain. (Oklahoma mountains are pretty small compare to Utah. But,​have a lot more cliffs when climbing them).

For the 4th, we got invited to a member's house for the evening. Played games and had some food. Didn't get to see any fireworks since, we had to be back by 9. From the sounds of it, they​ sounded epic.

Funny story. We where headed back to our apartment one night. When we saw a dog (or what we thought was a dog).It was dark and we couldn't really make it out.  For some reason we started talking to it and trying to get the dog to come to us. As we got closer to the dog, we quickly realized that it was no dog we where walking up to. But a skunk! The skunk had it's tail up ready to give us a wonderful smell,
but​ before it could spray us we took off running. It was a really close call!  

Awesome news! We now have 6 investigators with baptism dates!!! We are so excited and truly humbled to be doing the Lords work. I'm hoping to still be here for the baptisms. Saturday we get the transfer call. We will find out if I'm staying or going. 

As for Sister Harris, we know for sure that she is going. She's been here for 8 months in one area. That's a long time on a missionary life span. I expect to be getting a new companion. On the b​right ​s​ide​,​ I now might run into Brittany Parsons at the transfer. So I just might see her. Or be the one to train her! 

We had a wonderful lesson this week with some investigators. We taught them how to know the Holy Ghost giving them answers. 

When we teach these set of investigators the spirit is always strong. So strong that we all have goose bumps and I can feel the Holy Ghost telling me what to say.

I know that Heavenly Father has been guiding us on who to teach. I'm so blessed to have a close relationship with the Holy Ghost. To know what to say and when to say it. I can not teach without the help from Heavenly Father. Staying tune to that still small voice is so important. Even when he has you do something that you don't understand why he has you do it. We do it anyways. 

I miss you and love you!! I need to head off now. We just got back from hiking and we may or may not be smelling up the library with our awesome smell. So we need to head out and take a much needed shower!! 

Love you'ns! 
Sister Elkins 

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