Sister Elkins

Sister Elkins

Monday, August 25, 2014

A New Guardian Angel and Transfer Calls

My Dear Family And Friends, 

I'm sure most of you have heard what transpired on Friday (August 22). The tragedy that took place here, in the Tulsa, Oklahoma mission and is very sad - it really hits home to all of us here.

I knew everyone in that car, especially the 2 sisters and I was fairly close to them. I also knew one of the Elders as well. Elder Koffard had served in Talihina, and it was always fun to meet up with him and talk about the area, people, etc. 

sister nancy vea
Newest Angel, Sister Vea
Sister Vea, was a wonderful missionary and it was an honor to get to know her. She will be missed. She had just finished her training, (that week). Now she is ready to do the missionary work on the other side. 
I know that we will now have a new guardian angel watching over us. One that we got to know and who knew us personally. I know she is with the great ones that it talks about in D&C 138 38-47. 

Saturday night, we received transfer calls. I am being transferred! I will be going to Miami (pronounced my-am-uh), Oklahoma. Which is way up north from where I'm at. I'm sad to go and to be leaving all the wonderful people here. 

Yet, I am very excited about going and seeing more of this ONLY TRUE MISSION!! :) 

A cool thing is, that Sister Harris my trainer, will now be my Sister Training Leader!! She is in my new stake and I will get to see her!! Even go on exchanges with her!! I'm excited for that! I leave on Thursday! Now I'm trying to see EVERYONE in the next 3 days!

 Along with that, trying to figure out how to pack everything. I haven't moved around since I've been here. So I will master the packing thing....I hope! lol 

Today, I got to play with a wolf! The Sheriff has a pet wolf and he brought him over so I could play with him! Don't worry! I took pictures! The wolf is named Frank! He's such a cutie!! 

I will send out my address next week. As of right now. I don't know it, but you can send it to the mission home and they will forward it! lol 

Well, I am off. I got some packing to do! 

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers for the families that are going through this tragedy and the missionaries who are affected by this loss. 

I love you all!

Sister Jackie Elkins

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